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Top-Rated Running Shoes Under Rs. 5000? Check Out These 5 Options!

“Life is better in running shoes…”

Well, it can be tricky to comment on the quality of life you may lead if you get a pair of running shoes. But your running strides will definitely become a lot more comfortable if you choose the right ones!

RULE NUMBER 1 – Look for quality shoes with the right fit, and that makes your movement light and comfortable.

To get the top-rated running shoes that match these requirements, don’t forget to study their specs closely.

Though most top-rated shoes are quite expensive, you can avoid burning a hole in your pockets when you buy shoes online.

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On that note, let us proceed to check out the top-rated running shoes that you can get under Rs. 5000!

Top 5 Shoes that Make Running a Smooth Experience

Check out these popular running shoes to understand how they can make your running experience smoother every day!

1. Adidas Women Blue Asweerun Running Shoes

Price – Approximately Rs. 4999

“If running were easy, everybody would do it…

Guess what?

They don’t.

You do.”

So, make your experience as comfortable as you can by getting the best running shoes available. You can easily buy shoes online, but get one that is equipped with the most convenient features.

This Adidas shoe for women is popular among habitual runners for its lightweight and grippy outsoles. Besides enhanced stability, the cushioned EVA sock liner midsole of this pair of shoes will also make your strides more comfortable.

Above all, the chic design and easy to clean mesh lining make it an excellent buy for you. But don’t forget to avail e-vouchers from PAYBACK portal to grab excellent deals on running shoes online. You can choose e-vouchers from more than 100 brands and make the most of the offers available on any running shoes.

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2. Adidas Men Charcoal Running Shoes

Price – Approximately Rs. 4500

Adidas has a global fanbase and is popular for its premium quality athletic shoe collection. This particular running shoe is quite regular in terms of style and comes with clean lace-up detailing.

The best feature of this shoe is that it has cushioned footbed that will make your running sessions quite comfortable. Above all, patterns and textures on the outsole offer excellent grip and effectively make it anti-slip. But you must note that the pronation of these shoes is suitable for runners with a neutral gait.

Plus, the upper mesh lining will let you remove excess dirt and dust from the shoes with just a dry cloth. This means you will spend less time cleaning your shoes and more time on the track!

Check the offers and discounts available online and buy Adidas shoes now!

3. Reebok Men Grey Running Shoes

Price – Approximately Rs.3900

If you are looking for lightweight running shoes in the budget, you may consider this one.

This Reebok shoe has been popular among users for its comfort level and light weight. However, it is suitable for runners who have a medium width foot and a neutral gait.

Its material is synthetic, and it needs to deodorise regularly to retain its natural shape. If you feel too lazy, you can just use shoe bags to keep stains and mildew away!

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4. Nike Men Black Running Shoes

Price – Approximately Rs. 3700

Nike is the world’s largest manufacturer of athletic shoes! Its giant market presence speaks for its quality of products and their craze.

For instance, this particular running shoe is ideal for those who have been looking for a quality pair at a fantastic price!

It is advertised as a stylish pair of running shoes with a cushioned footbed and is known for its extra comfort and airy features.

Don’t know how to tie your shoelaces correctly?

Who cares!You don’t have to worry about tripping over untied shoelaces with this pair of shoes. It has elastic laces which can be tied up easily in simple knots after slipping it on.

It is available in regular ankle height and is most suited for runners with a neutral gait. All in all, the snug fit, textured outer sole and mesh design makes it low maintenance but a good pair of shoes.

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Still thinking whether to place an order for this one?

Take a cue from this brand’s tagline and – Just do it!

5. Puma Women Black Escaper Running Shoes

Price – Approximately Rs. 3500

“Alarm off

Workout clothes on

Running shoes tied

Hair up

Let’s go!”

This season, embrace the idea of a fitter you by getting these stunning running shoes during the next Flipkart sale. But before that, check out its features!

This popular running shoe has EVA, which is popular for providing excellent shock-absorbing qualities. Its 4D fit support is lightweight and offers an engineered fit, while the rubber outsole is known for durability and traction.

Its Soft Foam lining is breathable and keeps your feet fresh for hours.

Smelly feet no more!

Trust us. Even your pets will be glad that you chose this one!

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So, what are you waiting for? Pick a pair of shoes that fits your needs.  And buy shoes online through PAYBACK portal to grab excellent deals every time.

But again, don’t forget to pay attention to a few details like – fit, running surface, cushioning and pronation to get the best pair of shoes out there.

Remember, good shoes may take you to a good place, but comfortable shoes make it all worthwhile!

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