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Scan with PAY & Make UPI Payment Rewarding

PAYBACK PAY, the industry-first payment system, is all set to make UPI payments even more rewarding! It is quite common for UPI users to expect certain benefits while making transactions. Whether cashback or vouchers from renowned brands, the perks are variegated!

However, for the very first time, PAYBACK, part of BharatPe has done away with cashback and introduced the system of earning real-time rewards currency with each payment.


Take a look!


It is a payment system that allows PAYBACK members to scan UPI QR codes and earn redeemable reward points on every transaction. Previously, PAYBACK members could earn these points only while shopping within the loyalty program network.

However, with the advent of PAY functionality, shoppers stand to earn reward points whenever they scan UPI QRs with the PAYBACK app. So, whether you use GPay, PayTM, or PhonePe, first scan through PAYBACK PAY!!!

These points will be credited in real time to the member’s PAYBACK account and will be redeemable in their next coming purchases.

Scan with PAY and earn reward points on UPI payment

How is PAYBACK PAY Different from other UPI Benefits?

Generally, with prevalent UPI systems, users stand to enjoy cashback on making transactions. Few UPI banking systems also provide discount vouchers from leading brands, valid for a limited period.

However, with PAYBACK PAY, the benefits are unlimited!

Users can earn reward points on each transaction, and there are no restrictions when it comes to the number of points up for grabs.

How can these PAYBACK Points be Redeemed?

Points earned with PAYBACK PAY can be redeemed while shopping via the loyalty programme’s app or portal.

Further, PAYBACK will soon add the redemption feature with BharatPe QR at 75 lakh merchant outlets. As soon as this benefit is available, PAYBACK members will be able to redeem the points earned at various stores, from kiranas to departmental stores.

With this system, PAYBACK members can make their purchases at a discounted price or even for free.

The Festive Season became Even Merrier!

This payment system is all set to make festive shopping more affordable for PAYBACK users!

Here are a few exclusive benefits they can avail by scanning through PAYBACK PAY:

  1. Earning 50 reward points on the first transaction made through the app.
  2. Earning up to 10 reward points with every transaction.
  3. The points earned can be treated as currency while making UPI payments. They can be earned and redeemed whenever the user makes a transaction using PAYBACK PAY.
  4. The perks of earning and redeeming points are no longer limited to PAYBACK’s network. Individuals can enjoy the benefits while shopping from any place.

Apart from these benefits, the points earned using PAYBACK PAY can also, of course, be used the usual way. Simply navigate to PAYBACK’s portal or app, and redeem the accumulated points on e-vouchers, coupons and more.

Thus, whenever a PAYBACK member proceeds to make a UPI payment, he/she can gain so much more than the usual fare.

So, SCAN through PAY and enjoy accelerated points earning & faster points accumulation for better redemption later.

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