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A Comprehensive Comparison of Top Load and Front Load Washing Machines in India

“When life knocks you down, do not throw in the towel; it would only add to your laundry.”

The dreadful task of washing dirty clothes is one of the least talked about parts of our daily lives, and that’s for a reason.

It’s tiring!

This is also why washing machines look like saviours on a Saturday; we love the 12 seconds of joy when a bell for the final cycle hits.

If you have been buying a washing machine for your home, you must have been conflicted between top-load and front-load washers. While making a purchase, there’s a lot more to consider apart from washing machine prices.

Typically, top load washing machines have been the dominant force in the Indian market, owing to their lower price. However, with front-load washers becoming cheaper and available on sale, the price gap between them shrinks each passing year.

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With that out of the way, let’s help you make a comprehensive comparison between front load and top load washing machines and find out which one suits your home the best!

Comparing Front and Top Load Washing Machines for Indian Homes

Choosing between either of these options boils down to how you will be using them, as both front and top load machines have their own set of pros and cons. To make this comparison feasible, let’s take a look at several differentiating factors, and you can then decide which one best suits your requirements.

  • Initial price and automation

Depending on the number of functions and manual labour required, washing machines are semi-automatic or fully automatic. Semi-automatic top load washers require controlling the water intake manually and wash cycles and have less automated machinery.

In fully automated washing machines, everything from washing to drying is completed without manual intervention. Due to the use of advanced machinery, these variants are costlier than semi-automatic ones.

Both semi and fully automatic top load washers are cheaper than their front-load counterparts. Thus, they are better suited for rented apartments, short-term living situations, and commercial spaces.

However, with advancing technology, front load washing machine prices have been on the decline. For example, an LG 6 kg front load washing machine is one of the most affordable washers available in the market with exciting features for the customers.

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  • Ergonomics

Usually, when using front load washers, you will have to bend to operate the washing machine since the controls are located at a lower-than-waist height. If you have a history of back pain and similar issues, bending over and over again for laundry is a nightmare.

Top load washing machines like a Samsung 10 kg fully automatic are ergonomically designed for ease of use. The loading area and controls are situated at waist height, saving you from the back and joint pains every time you load a wash.

  • Wash quality

Top load washers have a central agitator, the post that creates motion by shaking and moving water. Typically, this is done to wash clothes quicker, and top load machines with agitators will finish run cycles faster than machines without one (also called impellers).

The gravity aided tumbling motion of front-load washers like Samsung, LG, and IFB washing machines is gentler on the clothes, and more efficient. Agitators on top load machines can catch stray threads and rip clothes apart, and they also have a difficult time washing large items like blankets or pillows.

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  • Capacity

Looking at the pile at the end of a week, we are sure our laundry breeds when we sleep!

Both top and front load washers come in different weight capacities, i.e. 6 to 10 kgs. This capacity refers to the weight of laundry the machine can wash in one load. What capacity washing machine you buy also depends on how frequently you wash clothes, as running a half-empty drum is merely wasting electricity.

The higher capacity of front load washing machines, for instance, that of the MarQ by Flipkart 10.2 kg Front Load Washing Machine, means you will be able to fit more clothes in a single cycle. You can comfortably push back laundry night by a day or two if you have enough pyjamas to last.

Note: Smaller capacity typically equals lower washing machine prices, but you will have to make frequent washes for larger loads.

  • Water supply and amount

Fully automatic top and front load machines require uninterrupted water supply for wash cycles, and you will need to dedicate a tap for the same.

That being said, front-loading machines use way less water and electricity than top-loading washers. This can be one reason why front load machines are gaining popularity as people become more conscious of environmental concerns.

One small drawback of front loaders is that you will be giving up on last-minute laundry. So, if you are one of the forgetful ones, you can’t add load to a wash cycle once it starts. However, this lack of a contingency may not be a deal-breaker for the majority, so we’ll let it slide as well.

Also, factor in brand reliability when making a purchase decision. For instance, people buy LG washing machines over other brands because of their prompt and efficient after-sales service. Conduct some market research before purchasing your preferred laundry companion.

With advancing technology and washing machine prices dropping during sales, buying a new one seems like an exciting proposition. Whatever your preference, make savings your companion by routing your searches through PAYBACK. Also, make sure to check the coupons section as you can quickly earn additional points if you have one you can activate!

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