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Buy Myntra Gift Cards: Everything You Want To Know!

When you can’t think of a gift, the best option is to choose a gift card!

While some consider gift cards heartless, thoughtless, and the go-to option for the lazy, these make for the perfect option for indecisive buyers and picky receivers. You can’t go wrong with them!

But what if you were to get a little something extra (Hush!) when you choose to buy Myntra gift card from your favourite shopping portal?

With PAYBACK, you can! This is India’s largest reward points network, and every time you shop on some associated partner sites (like Myntra), you accrue points on your account. You can later redeem these points and gain massive discounts on future hauls!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

With this in mind, let’s find out everything about Myntra gift vouchers. How do you send them? How do you redeem them, and how do you get them for corporates?

How to Buy Myntra Gift Card?

Follow these simple steps, and you can have your first gift card from Myntra ready to send your special someone!

Step 1: Visit Myntra’s website

Step 2: Hover above the “Profile” section on the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, scroll down to Myntra Gift cards.

Step 4: Click on the “Send Gift Card” option

Step 5: The website will route you to a page where you can design your gift card.

Step 6: Choose an occasion from Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Best Wishes etc.

Step 7: Personalise the gift card by adding pictures and messages and click on ‘Next’.

Step 8: The website will direct you to a portal where you have to log in or sign up as the case may be.

Step 9: Once you have logged in or signed up, choose the amount you want to give as a gift. After that, enter the recipient’s mobile number and email ID.

Step 10: There are three essential conditions to know about when you buy Myntra gift card. These are:

  • Gift cards from Myntra cannot be cancelled, refunded, or returned.
  • You cannot change the email recipient once you have chosen one.
  • You cannot use credit or debit cards outside of India to purchase gift cards.

Step 11: Check the preview and proceed to pay the amount, either through debit, credit or net banking.

Step 12: You have purchased your first ever gift card ready to send to your loved ones!

However, if you want to collect points when you buy Myntra gift card, route your purchase through PAYBACK’s website. You’ll get several additional benefits with the points accrued!

How to Redeem a myntra gift card?

buy myntra gift cards

Now, what happens if you have received a Myntra gift card? You should ideally have an account with Myntra to redeem the card.

Here’s how you save or use the gift card from Myntra:

Step 1: Open the email you received from Myntra, where the gift card was sent. 

Step 2: Add the gift card to your account by clicking on “Add to Account.”

Step 3: Another way to add the gift card is by clicking on “Manage Gift Cards”.

Step 4: Once the card has been added to the Myntra account, the balance will show up when you checkout your purchases.

Step 5: When you are checking out, select the gift card and redeem the amount during pay out.

There’s another way to gain great discounts! Redeem the points you have gathered on PAYBACK and purchase a Myntra voucher. You can then present this voucher in lieu of a gift card!

What Option Does Myntra Provide for Corporates?   

Corporate gifting can be quite tricky.

What’s a good gift without getting too personal? Myntra saves you from this additional burden by providing you with an easy gifting option through gift cards. Use their bespoke gift cards today and let your employees buy something that they love from Myntra!

You need to enter your details for the Myntra voucher, and someone from the team will get in touch with you. You can then place your order directly thereafter.

Now that you know how to buy Myntra gift card using this nifty feature, start gifting your loved ones the very best from what Myntra has to offer. And if you have been gifted one of these, key in the Myntra gift card code and complete your purchase!           

Some Other Benefits of Shopping on Myntra

Did you think gift cards were all Myntra had to offer you?

Not at all! Here are some other exciting features that Myntra brings, which you might not have known about! Check them below!

  • Myntra coupons

Myntra loves to surprise its buyers with a slew of very enticing offers on every purchase. Check these out in the “Coupons” section. As if the great discounts on the website were not enough, they decide to reward you with much more!

You will notice that every coupon has got a code. You need to use the coupon code at the time of checkout.

Myntra usually informs you of the various coupons you can use when purchasing, so you don’t have to find and apply them individually. It happens automatically at the time of checkout. Avail great discounts using these coupon features.

  • Myntra credit

Myntra Credit is like an online wallet where you can store money for ready payments! However, there are terms and conditions for the transfer and use of the money you keep here. Check them out on the Myntra website.

You can always use this online wallet to buy anything on Myntra. You can’t transfer the balance from account to account, so watch out!

Use this practical feature and get your payments done easily! It’s useful when you don’t have your debit or credit cards handy but still need to buy something.

  • MynCash

MynCash is the cashback points that you receive from Myntra. It happens to be another great feature which rewards customers for shopping on Myntra. You get this cashback in the form of money, which can be utilised while making future purchases.

It is quite similar to the reward system on PAYBACK, where you can gather points when shopping. Later, use these accumulated points to gain discounts on any purchase. You can also use the PAYBACK App to earn 2x reward points for every transaction.

So, send that Myntra gift voucher code to any of your loved ones today and make your near and dear ones really happy!

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