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Blazers or Leather Jackets for Men? Check Out the Latest Men’s Fashion Trends!

What to go with – The ever-masculine, rebel-invoking leather jacket or the elegant & refined blazer?

If you are also torn between the two options, fret not, by the end of this piece, you’ll gain clarity on the matter.

Both blazers and leather jackets for men are suitable sartorial choices for casual events.

So, as a starting point, it is ideal to have both the garment types in your closet. You can find leather jackets and blazers for men across a range of varieties, styles, and colours with shopping platforms like AJIO and Myntra.

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That being said, let’s get to the matter at hand, shall we?

Leather Jackets for Men: The Rebel’s Wear

This garment type has come a long way since its inception in the early 1900s, and today one can find plenty of styles and varieties under them. Whether you are seeking that teen spirit aura or a more punk-like attitude, there’s a leather jacket for you.

Here are the different leather jacket styles available –

1. Biker jackets

Also called the Perfecto, this is the archetype bad-boy leather jacket for men. The standard biker jacket features a diagonal zip, a cropped body, three to four front pockets, a belt, and studs.

However, modern biker jackets for men are a little more forgiving in their designs, allowing the wearer more mobility. You can find the best leather jackets for men in this style at low prices through Myntra or AJIO sale.

Styling tip: Wear it with a slim-fit or regular-fit jeans pant, a single-coloured t-shirt, preferably white, aviators, a pair of dress boots, and you have yourself an edgy, sharp, rugged look.

2. Bomber jackets

In recent years, bomber jackets have become a popular choice for men when it comes to dressing up for a casual occasion. And it’s no surprise why!

They are more versatile and can be styled in more ways than the aforementioned type.

Whether you want to go full Hugh Jackman (à la Wolverine) or want to keep it subtle with the outerwear, bomber leather jackets for men are ideal. These feature a simple cropped body, a zipper up the middle, ribbed hem and cuffs, and are usually waist-length.

Styling tip: Wear a brown suede bomber jacket with raw denim jeans or chinos, a neutral-coloured t-shirt, and sneakers for a casual, chic look. For a more elegant outfit, go for a collared shirt instead of a tee.

3. Faux leather jackets

In case you are not for animal cruelty but still wouldn’t like to compromise on style, a faux leather jacket is just what you need. This type of jacket is more sub-continent-friendly since here the weather doesn’t get as cold to merit a pure leather jacket.

Also, if you are looking for a substitute for leather jackets for men at a low price, this type is ideal. However, make sure to check the images properly when shopping online, since they tend to be a tad tackier and shinier than their leather counterparts.

Styling tip: Couple one with a contrasting coloured shirt, a tie, slim-fit jeans, and dress boots for a dapper yet formal look. You can also pair it up with a t-shirt and sneakers if it’s for a casual occasion.

No matter which type of leather jacket you buy, make sure its colour complements the other garments in your wardrobe. Also, look for offers when shopping for leather jackets for men online to make the most of your purchase.

Blazers for Men: Refined Redefined!

Think of blazers and what comes to mind are hard-at-it businesspersons, with a serious air about them all the time. However, blazers are slowly gaining currency as casual outerwear, as well, in the fashion world.

So, if you are seeking a more sophisticated yet casual silhouette to go with, men’s blazers might be just what you need. Take a look at the options available –

1. Cotton blazers

Cotton blazers are lightweight and make for more relaxed outerwear than leather jackets. They can be worn for casual occasions and are extremely comfortable during summers.

This type of blazers comes in a range of colours. But, it is advisable to not go too overboard and choose a hue that flatters your skin tone. You can go with neutral coloured shades if you want to play it safe and have a more versatile option in hand.

Styling tip: Cotton blazers can complement an array of garments, but they are best worn with a graphic t-shirt, cigarette pants or chinos, and canvas sneakers. If you are feeling a little more daring, add a scarf and fedora to complete your ensemble.

2. Linen blazers

Another popular choice for summers is linen blazers for men. These mostly come in unstructured styles, and add a touch more casualness to your ensemble, compared to their cotton variants. The light and breathable linen fabric of this type of blazers makes for comfortable outerwear.

Styling tip: Pair a linen blazer with an open-necked shirt or striped t-shirt, neutral coloured chinos, and loafers without the socks for a chic and effortless look. To add that dash of nonchalance to the outfit, you can also choose to fold your blazer’s sleeves.

3. Wool blazers

Winter is the season to style, and wool blazers are the perfect companions. These look more elegant and are ideal for a casual, composed look. You can find wool blazers in different colours, but it’s recommended to go for neutral hues like navy and grey.

Styling tip: Wool blazers are versatile. You can pair them with a t-shirt, chinos, or sneakers. Or add a hint of elegance with a shirt, denim jeans, and dress boots.

Now that you are familiarised with both ends of the spectrum, which should you pick?

It entirely depends on how YOU want to look and what makes you the most comfortable. Don’t go by trends; choose what speaks to you for any occasion and explore different styles as you see fit.

However, since quality blazers and leather jackets come a bit pricey, ensure to be smart with your purchase.

For instance, with Myntra online shopping, you can avail a range of offers. You can also maximize your benefits by shopping via PAYBACK’s app or website, and earn reward points on every purchase. Nevertheless, be it a leather jacket or blazer for men; keep in mind your convenience, body type, and what fashion sensibilities speak to you before taking your pick.

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