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5 Best 15L Geysers in India Under Rs. 10,000

If you thought waking up early on a winter morning to exercise was difficult, let us remind you of showering with cold water.

The mere thought of getting into the shower sends cold shivers down the spine.

But, a high capacity geyser can effectively be a saviour during these mornings.

With online shopping sites Amazon and Flipkart, browsing for the best geyser in India is no more a hassle. Such platforms make it easier to compare specs and help place an order easily.

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Read on to find more about top 5 geysers in India and how you can save more on your purchase through our portal.

Top 5 15 L Geysers in India under Rs. 10,000

Here are thebest 15L geysers from top brandsin no particular order. Check them out to understand what makes them stand out in the market and how you can benefit by using them.

Once you glance through this list, you will definitely find the best geyser in India that meets your bathing-needs.

Users regard Havells as the best water heater brand in India because of its high-quality products that ace in terms of technology and performance.

Every time you search for the best geyser in India in a mid-price range, you are bound to come across this product. This geyser features India’s very first shock-safe plug that helps to prevent electrocution.

It comes with a BEE 5-star rating and is considered among the top energy-efficient water heaters out there. Above all, you need not worry about its durability or overall sturdiness. The product comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years and extends 4 years and 7 years warranty on incology glass coated heating element and inner container respectively.

Its other star features include – turbo mode that will help you choose from multiple heat settings, an LED knob that senses a change in temperature and an 8-bar pressure rating.

Usha is a popular electronics brand in India and has won several accolades in the water heater segment.

This particular water heater from the brand is known for its power-saving and safety features. It consumes 2000W power and has an 8-bar pressure rating that makes it ideal for a high-rise building.

The water heater’s tank is coated with blue sapphire enamel to protect it against rust and corrosion. Above all, it is popular for its high quality Puf insulation that helps retain heat for a long time, allowing you to store hot water for several hours at a time.

If your bathroom has large space, you can consider getting this product online to grab amazing discounts on the geyser price.

This 5-star rated product comes with a rust-proof body and titanium enamelled heating component. Its thick Puf makes it energy efficient and allows you to lower your monthly electricity bills like a pro. Plus, its automatic cut off feature prevents the water from overheating, making it safe to use.

If you struggle with hard water in your region and run a risk of rapid corrosion, you need not worry. This water heater is coated with an enamel that protects inner containers from hard water corrosion.

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When it comes to ushering technology into the water heater segment, Venus is among the pioneer brands. Some may even go ahead and crown its products as the best geysers in India in the mid-price segment.

For example, this particular water heater represents a perfect blend of smart technology and durable performance.

It is enabled with Lyra smart technology and comes with a digital display that will notify you about the water temperature change. You can easily find out when your bath water is ready to use by looking at the display’s changing colour.

Other than that, it helps to conserve energy and control heat loss for a long time. But again, this geyser is most suited for bathrooms with large spaces. It also comes with a pressure rating of 5.8 bar, making it well suited for high rises.

While browsing through Flipkart or Amazon online shopping portals don’t forget to check the ‘deals of the day’ on this geyser to grab it at the best possible price.

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If you are looking for a durable product at an affordable instant geyser water heater price, you should check out this model.

The brand offers a 4 years warranty on the main product and a 7 years warranty on the tank. Also, its compact horizontal design makes it suitable for bathrooms with false ceilings or low ceilings.

This water heater is shock-proof and thus puts your fear of being electrocuted to rest. It is also advertised as voltage fluctuation proof, putting your short circuit related worries to rest.

Above all, the heat loss proof spec will come in handy to store hot water for a longer time on a chilly winter day. Other than these, its tank is coated with vitreous enamelling to prevent corrosion.

Apart from these, you may also check out geysers of brands like Bajaj and Crompton and pick your best geyser in India that meets your budget and suits your requirements. Lastly, route your geyser purchase through PAYBACK to enjoy a warm shower in this chilly winter every day without burning a hole in your pocket.

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