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Top 5 10L Geysers Available Below Rs. 8000 – Best Deals on Leading Brands

Anton Chekhov once said, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”

But everybody notices the discomfort of a chilly winter morning when it’s time for a shower! Warming the bathwater is an ordeal, especially when you are running late for your office or when the kids take forever to get ready for school.

Since skipping a shower for the entire season is not an option, you can make it bearable by getting the best geyser in India. While installing a geyser will not combat the quirks of the season, it will allow you to make bath time less stressful.

Ideally, the best quality geysers help you to heat the shower water in a jiffy! Also, most brands extend attractive offers round the year.

Check out these geysers below Rs. 8000 from leading brands below and grab the best deals on geyser price with PAYBACK.

5 Popular Geysers that You Should Get this Season!

Check out the top features and USP of these leading geysers under Rs. 8000 and make your morning regime more comfortable!

1. Venus 10 L Instant Water Geyser

Price: Rs. 7,500 approx.

Looking for a 5-star rated geyser with a temperature range of 25-75 degree C?

If yes, then this geyser is what you are looking for!

The 10L storage capacity allows you to heat more water at once and keep it ready for the next user. It also helps store ample water and helps with bath requirements quite easily.

You must note that the water heater is of vertical built, which is why it is most suitable for large wall spaces. Nevertheless, this water heater also makes it to the list of the best geyser in India in the 10 L geyser category. After all, it comes with a 2000 W energy consumption limit.

Above all, Venus extends a warranty of 5 years on the tank, with the product coming with a warranty of 2 years.

Not to forget the >8 bar pressure rating makes this instant water heater an excellent match for high rise buildings.

With PAYBACK you can purchase this geyser for free if you choose to redeem points that you have accumulated over time. In case you have insufficient points, you can use both accumulated points and cash to avail it.

2. Haier 10 L Storage Water Geyser (Precis)

Price: Rs. 7,100 approx.

Want to store hot water? No worries!

This 4-star geyser is perfect when it comes to storing hot water. It has a capacity of 10L which means you can heat more water and store it too.

Above all, the >8 bar is ideal for high rise buildings. You should also note that this geyser from Haier is shockproof and comes with a bi-capillary dual thermostat.

Other than that, it being “voltage fluctuation proof” prevents power surges. Further, the energy consumption of 2000 W and a short heating time between 20 min to 30 min help to conserve energy significantly.

Since it is corrosion-proof, you will not be required to maintain it frequently. This makes it the best geyser in India that requires low maintenance and has a domestic warranty of 3 years.

3. Havells 10 L Storage Water Geyser (Quatro_10L)

Price: Rs.6,100 approx.

This geyser from Havells comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years, while the inner container has a 5 years’ warranty. Its 10L capacity makes it suitable for usage requirements of big families. The geyser allows you to store water as well. The Havells geyser price, along with its notable features is the USP of this product.

The geyser can be mounted vertically and is ideal for large space walls. What makes it the perfect fit for high rise buildings is its >8 bar pressure rating.

The low power consumption of 2000 W and the short time required to heat the water makes it one of the most energy-efficient geysers in India. So, the next time when you are on a lookout to buy a water heater online do not forget to add this one in your wish list!

4. Bajaj 10L Shakti Glass Lined Geyser

Price: Rs. 5,800 approximately

Did you know that a warm shower before bed helps you sleep better?

With the help of Bajaj Shakti glass-lined geysers, you can make the chore of heating water for showers quick and hassle-free.

Besides the budget-friendly geyser price, the user-centric features make this water heater a must-have for every home. To begin with, the rust-resistant properties of this geyser increases its shelf-life and requires minimum maintenance on the user’s part.

Above all, the PUF Insulation makes the process of heating water faster and helps retain heat for a long time. The fact that it consumes 2000 W energy makes this water heater energy-efficient and helps save more on electricity bills!

Wondering if it will be ideal for a high-rise building? The water heater has a 7-bar pressure rating making it suitable for them. Grab the best of Flipkart offers now and take home this extremely efficient geyser.

5. Crompton 10 L Storage Water Geyser (Arno)

Price: Rs. 1,900 approx.

Arno is a 4-star rated water heater with a power consumption limit of 2000 W. This water heater helps make daily morning regime much easier with its ability to heat water in less than 30 minutes’ time.

The product has a warranty of 2 years, while the warranty on its tank extends for 5 years. It is light in weight and needs to be mounted vertically on walls.

Above all, the pressure rating of >8 bars makes it an ideal fit for high rise buildings. Get this energy-efficient geyser, at a fantastic price with Amazon online shopping. You can further increase your savings on this purchase if you route it through PAYBACK. Other than that, you can activate an Amazon voucher and enjoy significant savings on your transaction.

PAYBACK App users can optimise this benefit by earning 2X points on every purchase.

Lastly, don’t base your decision of purchasing a water heater entirely on its price. Take into account its – features, limitations, and most importantly, power consumption to scout for the best geyser in India.

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